We don’t need to tell you that your vehicle repair shop needs industrial fans to generate clean, breathable air. And regardless of your specific needs, Super Duty Fans has plenty of options to help get you there. But when choosing which fan to buy, consider industrial ceiling fans rather than floor fans!

While that may sound weird since we offer both ceiling and floor models, vehicle repair shops benefit more from ceiling fans that push high-velocity airflow throughout the facility without getting in the way of workers, vehicles, and machinery.

Floor fans are available but designed to be used in vehicle repair shops as a supplement.

The BEST way to move air in a vehicle repair shop is with an overhead fan.

At Super Duty Fans, our niche is walking into busy factories, warehouses, and hot buildings that need significant air movement but don’t have the physical space for fans to work around obstacles. And vehicle repair shops are no different. There will be cars and trucks everywhere in any given auto body shop. Various cords, cables, tables, oversized lifts and diagnostic machines, tools, equipment, and pipes also run from the ceiling to the floor.

So imagine adding three or four industrial floor fans to the mix! Your employees won’t feel the cool air because of all the obstructions. The fan itself also suddenly becomes a nuisance and a potential tripping hazard, and on top of that, there is no easy way to remove highly flammable gasses and fumes to reduce the risk of explosion or fire. 

Having a Super Duty Fan with conical airflow installed high on the ceiling provides numerous benefits:

  • Air is pushed down off the ceiling, so there is always a nice breeze
  • Equal air distribution throughout the facility
  • No lengthy cords or tripping hazards
  • Keep fans out of operational areas
  • Ability to fit fans into tight spaces where equipment can’t hit them
  • Focused airflow on workers and workstations
  • Ceiling and angle mounting available

Knowing which type of industrial fan is right for your vehicle repair shop can go a long way toward keeping employees healthy and happy and ensuring your business is functioning the way it should!

Super Duty Fans has just the right fan for your vehicle repair shop!

At Super Duty Fans, we believe you deserve a high-quality, cost-effective fan tough enough to keep you cool year after year in factories, warehouses, hot buildings, and vehicle repair shops. You’ll quickly grab heat by the horns with simple installation and online ordering.

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