When you enter your cattle barn or dairy farm barn in the morning, the smells and sights are quite familiar to that of fresh hay, and you may catch the sunlight filtering through the windows. If, however, you can smell any particular dirty stall or see shimmers of floating dust along with the rays of sunlight, then this is a clear sign that your barn needs an upgrade of two elements. These elements are adequate circulation and proper ventilation.

The Health Risks

Most of the average cattle or dairy farm barns out there aren’t adequately ventilated. These barns have poor air quality, which in turn leads to respiratory diseases alongside varying health effects on barn animals.

cattle-barnThere are so many harmful components that float through the air of your barn. These include ammonia fumes, viruses, fungal spores, and bacteria. All of these are promoted with the help of urine, feces, bedding, and hay.

When all of the dangerous elements combine, they bring about a plethora of health risk for animals. One particular condition that may be common in such barns is known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – which to some people may also be known as ‘heaves.’

This problem in barn animals is much like the symptoms of asthma in humans and lead to lower tolerances for exercise, weight loss, coughing, and excessive wheezing. Barn animals can develop these conditions if they are chronically exposed to poor ventilation or air quality in barns.

Air Movement

Circulation and ventilation are all about moving the air around efficiently throughout the barn – which also includes pulling all the clean air in and ventilating the stale air out. Most cattle barns or dairy farm barns wouldn’t be equipped with this form of natural ventilation. If this is the case with the airflow in your dairy farm barn, then you should consider adding industrial-grade ceiling fans.

If these fans are used properly, they will be able to contribute significantly to the health of your barn animals. The health of these animals brought forward by proper ventilation cannot be replaced by all the consistent cleaning, maintenance, or mechanical add-ons. This is why, if you plan on improving the overall circulation of air in your barn, then it is important to use industrial-grade ceiling fans as enhancements and not replacements.

There are a lot of small barns out there that have been aesthetically designed to look pleasing, but they probably don’t have the best movement of air. The good news is that industrial-grade ceiling fans can speedily improve the health of the indoor environment of your barn along with the health of your barn animals.

 Super Duty Fans – Industrial Grade Ceiling Fans

We have 3 different sizes for your circulation and ventilation needs – all of which have the following benefits:

  1. High-velocity airflow
  2. Super tough construction
  3. Easy installation – no electrician needed
  4. Mount at any angle to direct airflow or to exhaust fumes
  5. Funnel-shaped airflow for wide distribution without blasting the area directly below
  6. Quiet commercial quality belt drive and a totally enclosed motor for years of service
  7. Family owned and operated in America
  8. Industrial grade ceiling fan
  9. Strongest steel shroud with environmentally strong powder coating


Call Today and ask a specialist which size is best for your barn.

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