Imagine walking into two large facilities. One is a warehouse with enough room for several fans to provide cooling airflow, but their existing fans don’t do enough to cover the entire space. The second is a vehicle repair shop with the same cooling needs, but the obstructions are too many to count. There is machinery everywhere, along with various cords and pipes running from the ceiling to the floor. Adding a fan would be nice, but where? And what cooling effect would it have?

At Super Duty Fans, we realize no two facilities are the same. A cabinet maker has different challenges than a vehicle repair shop, which has different needs from a hangar or welding shop. But we mean it when we say our line of fans cool any space — whether they need them to act as their primary source of airflow or as an additional fan option. 

We pride ourselves on building smarter industrial ceiling fans with high-velocity airflow for: 

  • Auto body shops
  • Aviation hangars
  • Barns
  • Growers
  • Gyms/training centers
  • Emergency vehicle repair facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor Zoos/animal enclosures
  • Industrial paint shops
  • Industrial plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Welding shops
  • And much MORE.

Imagine the possibilities with Super Duty Fans!

Traditional industrial-sized fans can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or placed on the ground. But depending on the size of your space, the ones you find on store shelves can quickly prove obsolete. For example, they may only reach one side of the room, forcing you to constantly move them around to provide equal coverage. If they’re wall or ceiling mounted, the blades may not be big enough or move fast enough. 

Trust us when we say it is possible to have a fan or several fans flexible and powerful enough to reach any height, angle, or speed. With 21 unique features, Super Duty Fans can do all these things and more, helping you keep airflow consistent throughout your entire space. 

Super Duty Fans have high-velocity funnel-shaped airflow for wide air distribution and are 100% customizable!

  • They can fit into tight spaces so nearby cranes and equipment can’t hit them.
  • Easily angled to cool down hallways and production lines.
  • Focused airflow on workers and workstations.
  • No lengthy cords and tripping hazards.
  • Never in the way of moving cranes, etc. 
  • OSHA-compliant guarding and tough construction minimize damage.

At Super Duty Fans, we believe you deserve a high-quality, cost-effective fan tough enough to keep you cool year after year in factories, warehouses, and hot buildings. With simple installation and online ordering, you’ll quickly grab heat by the horns. Call today at 972-898-4680 or visit We are here to help you!