Logistics can turn out to be quite a satisfying job – but it often requires employees to be disciplined and great with teamwork. It is important for the staff in the warehouse to feel happy in their workplace in order to get along with their fellow colleagues and keep all the activities running smoothly.

If you were looking for ideas to motivate your warehouse staff and keep them healthy, then you are in the right place. Here’s what you need to do.

1.   Team Building

Logistics in the warehouse is one job that requires every individual to work together incongruence. This is why it is very important for people to find a sense of belonging within the different functional roles of the warehouse.

This can be done by investing in regular get-togethers for staff. By doing so, you will be able to create a productive, sociable and happy workplace. Staff nights out such as visits to comedy clubs or cinema trips are a great way of blowing off steam while subconsciously encouraging bonding amongst the teams. You may also go ahead and host annual holiday parties for your staff.

2.   Shift Work

logistics-warehouse-heatShift work can be a good decision for large warehouses where production tends to carry on longer than the usual 9 to 5. These shifts aren’t necessarily easy for workers because their social or family life tends to suffer. In simple words, these shifts are directly proportional to the morale of the warehouse staff.

If you believe that weekend or evening shifts are a problem in your warehouse, then you should try holding events for families where everyone gets a chance to get to know each other outside the usual hectic environment. These events also make upper management realize that their employees have lives outside their workplace and people they care for.

Other than this, allowing flexibility in shifts will definitely motivate your warehouse staff. This will also let them know that management realizes that their work outside work is also important and they understand that.

3.   Positive Feedback

In every role in the organization, letting workers know that they have performed will is very important. This is an excellent method of motivating the logistics staff and letting them know that all their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Go ahead and offer your workers rewards and bonuses!

4.   Health and Wellbeing

Warehouses are physically demanding environments, aren’t they? They have a lot of physical work and heavy lifting going on every day in the logistic worker’s life. This is why their health and well being should be one of the top priorities of the management and it directly affects their productivity and performance.

In order to care for your employee’s health and well being, you can start by using super duty fans and other efficient ventilation methods inside the warehouse. Super Duty Fans cool large warehouses easier and quietly. The belt drive allows the Super Duty Fan to revolve faster and quieter than traditional floor drum fans. Warehouse employees’ conversations are easier to be heard on the warehouse floor.  The special shroud design cools a funnel-shaped area instead of blasting the area directly below.

Other than this, regular breaks and time off from work can also help workers recharge their batteries to always remain motivated for work.

Motivated and happy employees will always result in a productive and healthy company. If you know how to motivate your logistic staff, then you will have successfully increased their commitment and shared value for work and success.