What is the warranty?

2021-02-16T15:43:14+00:00July 22nd, 2020|

Motors have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. The industrial fan unit has a 5-year factory warranty against defects in material or workmanship. We stand behind them. You stand under them. We will stand beside you [...]

Where are the industrial fans made?

2021-02-16T15:44:07+00:00July 22nd, 2020|

Why? Are you going to come steal them? You are making me nervous with all these questions. We assemble and distribute our industrial fans at our global headquarters facility in Pilot Point, Texas, USA. Parts are manufactured in the US [...]

Are these industrial fans portable?

2021-02-16T15:45:52+00:00July 22nd, 2020|

Yes. Because they are easy to hang and plug in, you can quickly remove and reinstall them to get big air anywhere. For large buildings, you can move them to areas where seasonal work is being done, or areas that [...]

Why are your blades grooved?

2020-08-17T14:46:57+00:00July 22nd, 2020|

We groove the blades for rigidity to dampen vibration and noise. Many cheap fans fail when the blades develop stress cracks at the hub screws. Our design lessens the vibration to prevent this failure.