Why a shrouded fan?2021-05-04T14:36:19+00:00

Belt-drive fans last longer, are quieter, and move more air than direct-drive fans.  The belt/pulley gearing allows the motor to run at a high speed for maximum power and self-cooling and allows the blades to run at an optimal slower speed for maximum airflow, minimal noise, and longevity.  Turning a fan blade at direct-drive supersonic speeds creates stress crack failures and unbearable noise levels.  We use the best Kevlar belt available for ultra-long life cycles.

Why belt-drive?2021-02-16T15:50:18+00:00

Belt-drive fans are quiet, reliable and offer an affordable option for industrial fans. The belt absorbs the vibration created by a motor, and does not transfer it to the blade assembly. Belt-drive industrial fans have increased motor longevity because of the motor’s ability to run at full speed for power and cooling.

How are Super Duty Industrial Fans mounted to the ceiling?2021-02-16T15:49:33+00:00

Our Quad Strap mounting system is amazingly easy and completely flexible. The four straps attach to an eyebolt on the fan frame, with a connector we include. The other end of the strap is attached to the ceiling structure with an eyebolt or by simply wrapping the strap around a beam or joist. The straps have a looped end for easy securement. You can mount the fan flat or at any angle to direct the airflow, by varying the length of the straps. The straps will not corrode, transfer vibration to the ceiling, or break as each strap holds at least 10x the weight of the fan, or 3x the weight of your mother-in-law. The straps will not corrode, transfer vibration to the ceiling, or break as each strap holds at least 2250 pounds, while our largest fan weighs only 122 pounds.

What voltage is required?2021-02-16T15:48:29+00:00

Our industrial fans run on 120 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase, but they can be wired for 220 Volt if needed. Each fan includes a 15’ power cord with a 3-prong plug. You can use a high quality 14- or 16-gauge extension cord to increase the distance from plug to fan.

Can I hard wire the fan?2021-02-16T15:48:03+00:00

Yes, you can. The fans can be hard wired per electrical code. Single speed industrial fans must be wired into a switched circuit and cannot be controlled by a variable speed controller.

Why a conical-shaped airflow?2021-05-04T14:37:34+00:00

We worked long and hard on our patented industrial fan design to achieve the conical airflow. This conical shape not only provides a consistent airflow distribution but also promotes airflow expansion and even cooling to a wider area below the fan, without simply blasting the area directly under the fan.

Why are your blades grooved?2020-08-17T14:46:57+00:00

We groove the blades for rigidity to dampen vibration and noise. Many cheap fans fail when the blades develop stress cracks at the hub screws. Our design lessens the vibration to prevent this failure.

Are these industrial fans portable?2021-02-16T15:45:52+00:00

Yes. Because they are easy to hang and plug in, you can quickly remove and reinstall them to get big air anywhere. For large buildings, you can move them to areas where seasonal work is being done, or areas that require temporary cooling. Maybe your awesome brother-in-law will do it while you eat beef jerky and point?

Do they come assembled?2021-02-16T15:45:18+00:00

The industrial fan motor is mounted sideways for shipping, so you simply turn it around and tighten the mounting bolts and belt. This is not IKEA.

Isn’t this just a barrel fan mounted horizontally?2021-02-16T15:44:44+00:00

They are similar in appearance, but have substantial differences. Our Super Duty Industrial Fans are a clean sheet design to specifically move big air from overhead, and address the special needs of a ceiling fan with regards to airflow and safety. The motors are suitable for vertical orientation, the airflow shape provides even cooling, the round frame is shaped specifically to resist twisting and distorting when hung, and the steel crossbar frame holds it all together firmly and provides a safe mounting system.

Where are the industrial fans made?2021-02-16T15:44:07+00:00

Why? Are you going to come steal them? You are making me nervous with all these questions. We assemble and distribute our industrial fans at our global headquarters facility in Pilot Point, Texas, USA. Parts are manufactured in the US and worldwide, and all the motors are from US companies like Leeson and Marathon. We have a watchdog named Sammie, our VP & Managing Director of Facility Security. You will not get by Sammie.

What is the warranty?2021-02-16T15:43:14+00:00

Motors have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. The industrial fan unit has a 5-year factory warranty against defects in material or workmanship. We stand behind them. You stand under them. We will stand beside you if you have Margaritas and barbeque.