The Super Duty Fans were born out of necessity…

Phil & Kelly Eggers live on a ranch in North Texas where it gets really hot in the summer. Their ranch buildings, and a hangar building, became unbearable in July and August, and they searched everywhere for a fan that would move the air to make it tolerable. They found plenty of imported pretty fans that moved no substantial air, and plenty of huge fans for thousands of dollars, but nothing that made affordable sense. So Phil decided that if you want it done right you do it yourself.

Starting with a clean sheet idea, the mandatory criteria included fan qualities like easy to install, huge air movement, minimal noise level, airflow pattern, longevity, and affordability, to name a few. The design journey included domestic and international consultants, meetings with motor manufacturers, multinational suppliers, and local machine shops and parts suppliers. Customers were consulted to determine their needs and requirements. The result of this journey is what you now see in the Super Duty Fans.

The mighty SD5V in action.

Now, the Super Duty Fans fill the void for various areas which need serious cooling with an awesome fan built for the job. Phil & Kelly now have the perfect fan for each of their horse stalls with the SD3X model. The barn has the perfect fan in the center aisle with the SD5X model. Both the machine shed and the hangar have our most powerful model, the SD5V. So, with their personal fan needs taken care of, they wish to share this truly new fan with others needing the same type of cooling.

Phil & Kelly did not grow up dreaming of the fan business, but they did dream of being entrepreneurs and living the American Dream. They discovered fans together and have committed themselves, and their nest egg, to building this premier fan company. Both came from highly successful corporate careers and now implement their knowledge to provide a wonderful product and service experience for their customers.